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The average delivery time is 1 to 2 days after dispatch of the goods to Portugal and to the rest of the world between 4 and 10 business days, and may take up to 2 business days to be dispatched. This period is used for separating the product into stock, packaging, delivery to the airline, shipping and inserting the code into the system.

You can use these types of payment methods:

  • Credit / Debit Card by Stripe– Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
  • MB WAY – ( Creating MB NET cards )
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Klarna

No! We protect your information to provide a seamless, personalized experience across our wide range of products. Therefore, all we collect is just your name, contact details and delivery address!

All orders outside Portugal receive a tracking code to keep track of your packages! 

We always send orders by CTT.

However, for Portugal, if you select “Correio Azul” shipping, you will not receive a tracking code. You will only get a tracking code if you select “Correio Registado”.

You can track your order using the tracking code that we automatically send to your email as soon as the purchase is dispatched, within an average period of 7 to 10 business days. You can track everything from leaving the country of origin to arriving at the location registered at the time of purchase. You can track your order by clicking here!

We always do our best to ensure that the product reaches you on time. However, some factors can cause a delay in delivery, such as the absence of a recipient, incomplete registration data or weather conditions.

If this happens, please contact us so that we can look into the matter.

However, please be careful when filling in the delivery address details to ensure that you receive the product.

KeyChainChaves cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced parcels, nor is it liable for missing information.

We do not accept exchanges or returns!

ATTENTION: If you notice that you have entered an incorrect or incomplete address at checkout, please contact us immediately to avoid any problems with delivery.

Your address cannot be changed after 24 hours of purchase on our website, as the order may have already been sent!

NOTE: We do not change a customer’s address unless they ask us to. We cannot be held responsible if the customer registers the wrong address.

No. When the product has already been packed and shipped directly to your address, we can no longer redeem the canceled item (we do not accept exchanges or returns).
We therefore advise you to be aware when purchasing one of our products.

When the item is addressed to a location where there is no home delivery or when attempts to deliver directly to the recipient are unsuccessful, the item will be available for pick-up at the nearest unit to the address indicated for 7 days only (this information is in the tracking code we request from you).

Therefore, if you do not pick up the item within the indicated period, your order will be returned to KeyChainChaves.

If the order is returned, KeychainChaves will not be held responsible and the customer will have to pay for shipping again.

If you have checked the tracking information that your order has been delivered and you have not had access to your package, we ask that you try to contact neighbors, acquaintances, family members or building janitors to check if there is a possibility that they have received it, or also, we ask that you check if the product is in the mailbox of your residence or building.

In addition, if you have not received any information about the whereabouts of your package, please contact the post office closest to your address, providing the tracking code and your details so that they can tell you who received it or if the item is in your PO Box.

It often happens that the Post Office informs you in its tracking that the order has been delivered even though no delivery attempt has been made, so please wait a few more days so that you can receive the item.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced parcels.

No. KeyChainChain does not make exchanges or returns.
We advise you to make your purchases conscientiously to avoid embarrassment.

Keychain Chaves takes the security of our customers’ data so seriously that thousands of tests are carried out every day looking for security breaches, all to prevent hacker attacks, information theft and card cloning. Your seal of approval can also be found in the footer of our website.

Did you see? That’s why buying from Chaves keychain is 100% safe. Discover our news and buy our products without worries, because we will always take care of you!

You can also click here to read more about our Privacy Policies.

We at keychain Chaves carry out the entire shipping procedure for your order in complete safety, always valuing your well-being. To guarantee maximum quality and the most careful packaging, our products are shipped directly from our warehouse.

Before being dispatched, each of our items undergoes strict quality control to ensure that you receive an order in perfect condition. Furthermore, you will be able to check the route of your order until it reaches your address using the tracking code*.

*shipments via “Correio Azul” to Portugal do not have a tracking code, only registered mail has a code.